1. We believe that great communication makes organizations succesful.
  2. Good communication starts with better listening.
  3. Original ideas are the foundation of great communication.
  4. Stories are the vehicle that transports ideas and meaning.
  5. Changing perspectives can open doors and break through barriers.
  6. We don’t talk about people. We don’t talk about things. We talk about ideas.
  7. Design is communication.
  8. Communication is creating meaningful connections.
  9. To make a difference, one has to be different.
  10. We believe in you.
  1. Wir glauben daran, dass starke Kommunikation Organisationen erfolgreich macht.
  2. Gute Kommunikation beginnt mit aufmerksamen Zuhören.
  3. Innovative Ideen bilden das Fundament von großartiger Kommunikation.
  4. Geschichten sind die Vehikel die Ideen und Sinn transportieren.
  5. Ein veränderter Blickwinkel kann Türen öffnen und Barrieren durchbrechen.
  6. Wir reden nicht über Leute. Wir reden nicht über Dinge. Wir reden über Ideen.
  7. Design ist Kommunikation.
  8. Kommunikation ist: sinnvolle Verbindung herzustellen.
  9. Um etwas zu verändern, muss man vor allem anders sein.
  10. Wir glauben an Sie.


Integrated Corporate Communications

Web Design

Online Marketing

Social Media


Moving images

Sales Trainings





Research is listening to the big communication.

Fortune favours the prepared Mind.

Trend Scouts:

Close contact with international Trend Scouts in European and American Metropoles

Cultural Studies


 A brand is so much more than just a logo and a name. It’s a feeling, it’s a movement, it might even be a way of life. 

In our process, we work with dedicated techniques and tools to create (or rejuvenate) a brands that let you connect with your target audience. We pay special attention to ensure your brand is not only something that is talked about, but something that is lived. Your employees, in particular your sales people, are the strongest possible brand ambassadors. We make sure that the message gets across the right way every time – whatever the medium.


Name is a four letter word too. We help you to create and choose the right name for your baby. Be it a product, a service or a whole new organisation.

 -Slogans, Mission Statements, Taglines

Most Mission statements focus on the what and how. Research shows, however, that the most effective brands start their brand development, their identity with why. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their Mission Statements reflect their true identity and become the northern star of their operations.

– Sensual Identity

A visual identity only starts with a logo. However, truly successful brands achieve results by taking their branding a few steps further. A brand should become a feeling, and we perceive our world with more than just our eyes. Haptics, Sound and Smell play important roles in our perceeption. We aim to achieve truly multi-sensual brand experiences.

– Print/Digital

We create experiences that make you go wow.


Fortune favours the prepared mind. Louis Pasteur

Trends. Market development. Change in customer behaviour. Economic changes. 

We look at data from your verticals, your competitors and your potential clients. We try to spot opportunities before others do, and ensure that your communication is on point.

The world is becoming smaller and more differentiated every day. That’s why we have a close network of trend scouts in major global cities to catch new trends and stay up to date with the latest developments in business and communication.



It starts with listening. What are your potential clients searching for? What is their expectation; what are they trying to find? How does it fit into the big picture? What’s the competition up to?

Based on structured information, we start to develop strategies around your target group, keywords, your competitors.

Design and Wording

We develop websites around your target groups preferences, making sure to use the right tone of voice, the right imagery and concept to reach high engagement levels.

SEO and Ads

Finally we develop and execute plans to make sure the right people reach your website.


Pay per Click, Remarketing, target groups… We can help you with that!

We ensure that we develop the right message for your business and get it in front of potential clients.

Social Media

Communication is all about being connected. Social Media keeps us connected –  not just to our friends and family, but also to the brands and businesses we love.

We create strategies as well as content to make sure your brand is visible and followed by your customers. No matter what the platform.

Ads, original content, videos, you name it we got you covered.

Moving images

“a picture is worth a thousand words” and moving images say even more. And today, it is easier than ever, even for smaller businesses, to create original, engaging video content. YouTube ads, video posts and ads on instagram or facebook, videos just work. Statistics show that the conversion rate of websites using videos is more than 60% higher than those who don’t.

We create. Image videos, or short clips for social media. And we make sure it gets in front of the right people.

Sales training

We strongly believe that sales and marketing needs to work together as closely as possible to ensure the successful delivery of a company’s message. We have extensive experience in the field of sales and know how how important sales people are to the success of companies, especially in the field of B2B. We are trained in NLP and sales techniques and are very proud to pass on our knowledge to turn sales people into brand ambassadors.