We are AEONIC. A digital and advertising agency specialising in experience design. We’re also the company behind Echt Gutes Licht.


We believe in the digital transformation.

We believe that technology can help us do things better and more effectively. Therefore we’re helping our clients to master the digital transformation of their business. Whether you need support with your marketing & sales, your communications or your entire digital strategy we’re there for you.


We design and deliver communication and PR campaigns that help your business to be heard.


We develop tailored digital shopping experiences that help our clients grow their business.


We support the digital transformation of your business, helping you to continue growing.

"We were informed by our host that our existing CMS system was no longer supported. We needed a replacement... and fast! Within no time AEONIC delivered a new concept and design for our two websites. They took care of everything, including content setup and also trained our staff. I can highly recommend them."

Echt Gutes Licht

Everything we see is light or a reflection of it. Also in our home. And because our home is more than just a place to sleep, we started "Echt Gutes Licht". There your personal shopper helps you find the right lamp for your needs. This way your house becomes a home.


We believe everyone deserves good light.

We believe everyone deserves good light. But choosing the right lamp can be hard. Too much choice leaves customers overwhelmed and good advice is often hard to find. Our personal shopping service does away with lengthy searches. Based on our hand picked lighting portfolio it provides custom recommendations that are based on your style and preferences. Aided by AI and machine learning we are able to deliver a shopping experience that rivals traditional specialty retail.


We also believe we have only one world and should take good care of it. This is why we only sell products that are made using sustainable and renewable materials. Because all our products are made to order and are made in Europe we don’t have to ship them around half the globe before they arrive at your home. This helps to save emissions and is also good for the local economy.


When a customer chooses our personal shopping service, everything is tailor made.


All our products are made using sustainable and renewable materials.

Quality Lighting

All our products are made to order and they all are custom made in Europe.


Mansur Philipp Gharabaghi

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Florian Schaubach

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


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